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Angels Santé

Tips on a great fundraising presentation deck for startups (EN)

A startup presentation deck is an essential document used to convince potential investors to invest in a startup. It is a concise and engaging presentation that summarises key information about the startup, its business model, team, target market, products or services, growth strategy and funding requirements.

A good start-up presentation deck is crucial as it is often the first impression investors will have of your company. It needs to be clear, concise, compelling and visually appealing in order to capture investors’ attention and interest.

An effective deck should include the following elements :

  • Company Purpose / Mission : 1 page – make it concise and punchy. Not mandatory but you can add an ID /a few summary bullet points to quickly introduce your company
  • Problem : illustrated if needed with a graph / figures …
  • Solution : What is your one solution that is not out there that is a must have for the industry/patient …
  • Market Size : remember that there is a correlation between an investor’s potential returns and the market size
  • Why Now : Is there an evolution / trend in the market that shows that the peak of the market has not been reached yet – is there a huge innovation gap that needs to be filled ?
  • Competition : Always remember you are not the only one ( direct & indirect competition)
  • USP : Tell us what makes your unique/ Better than competition ( you are a must have – not just a nice to have solution )
  • Validation: Tell us about the traction / or claim validation / Data you have / Key metrics / Publications / how much money raised so far/ Labels won
  • Product : Tell us where you are in your development – what you’ve done so far in your product roadmap (regulatory- ip – clinical trials – partenrship etc )
  • Business Model : pricing strategy / sales strategy/
  • Market Access : commercial roadmap
  • Team : skills that makes you the right team to implement this growth – what are your super powers : ) skills / Advisory board – present / future
  • Financials : Very important slide that clearly communicates your numbers /Burn rate / revenus over the next 5 years (have back-up slides with more details)
  • Ask : Fundraising roadmap and for what (soft commitments) What are the next milestones
  • Summary: 4 /5 Bullets points + contact details
  • Back Pocket Slides

In summary, a well-designed and punchy presentation deck plays a vital role in attracting the attention of investors and convincing them to support your company financially. It should present your idea in a clear, concise and compelling way, highlighting your start-up’s business opportunities and competitive advantages. A good deck can make the difference between securing crucial funding for your business or missing out on an opportunity for growth.

Make sure to not forget anything in your deck thanks to the following checklist :