Angels Santé and Europe

Supporting our companies in their European development

The international reach of startups and their investors plays a crucial role in realizing their global growth potential.

At Angels Santé, we've been resolutely committed to this objective since 2018, forging strong partnerships with leading players across Europe. As an active member of the European Angels federations, BAE and EBAN, we have the privilege of sitting on the latter's board of directors, enabling us to actively influence the sector's strategic directions. In addition, as an active contributor to the EBAN Health Chair, we regularly organize workshops and events to promote innovation and the exchange of ideas in the healthcare field.

We also partner with the EIC to support startups in the various programs of this renowned European institution, reinforcing our commitment to the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurship across Europe.

At Angels Santé, our determination to promote international collaboration and excellence in the healthcare sector remains unwavering, and we are determined to continue our contribution to the sustainable development and growth of healthcare innovation on a European scale.

Round table organized and moderated by Angels Santé in Brussels during the EBAN 2023 Congress on the theme "Is Europe such a great place for healthcare entrepreneurs?" with the kind participation of representatives from Medtech Europe, DG Health of the European Commission, Cardiawave and EBAN.

Our European partners