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Joining Angels Santé means connecting with our +150 investor members, most of whom are healthcare professionals (practitioners of all disciplines, executives of major healthcare groups, entrepreneurs...)

4 very good reasons to join us:


An exclusive, qualified dealflow

You have access to the top 50 projects chosen from over 200 applications. These are qualified by our selection committee and then presented to you during our monthly Pitch&Chat sessions.


Experienced investors

Surround yourself with experts for your investment choices.
Investing within a specialized network means minimizing your investment risk.


A friendly & active community

Share your experience within the largest network of "expert, dynamic and benevolent"* Business Angels dedicated to healthcare in Europe.

 *According to our valued members- Source: Internal ecosystem survey conducted in December 2021


Sharing of experience and expertise

As part of this virtuous circle of healthcare innovation, you can put your resources and knowledge to work for the benefit of the network and the startups you support.

4 areas for action, to suit you needs:

A training course

Recent investors or full beginners? We offer 10 modules providing you with the methodology you need to better invest in seed-stage healthcare start-ups.

A Strategic Committee Club

You've invested and are involved in the governance of a start-up? We've got you covered ! 40+ AS members meet regularly to share tips and experiences.


You represent Angels Santé at national and European events (juries, round tables, networking, etc.) to which we are invited.

A selection committee

Join our 35+ volunteering members who examine and select the best applications from over 200 projects per year.

Questions ?

But what is exactly a Business Angel (BA)?

Business Angels are individuals who invest a portion of their assets in the capital of an innovative, high-potential company while sharing their skills, experience and network.

Let's dispel this misconception once and for all: the minimum investment is €10,000 per project per year, and is eligible for tax deductions.

Disclaimer :We remind you that a capital investment involves a risk of loss that may represent the whole of the investment made, as well as a risk of lack of liquidity at the end of the desired investment period. 

Never invest money you are not prepared to lose, and diversify your investments as much as possible.

What is the profile of a BA at Angels Santé?

A professional in the healthcare sector (preferably), who may be working, taking a break, at the end of their career or retired. What's important is that they want to devote part of their free time to supporting and financing healthcare startups.

  1. A 1to1 call with our head of “Prospective members”
  2. Invitation to one of our monthly Pitch & Chat session
  3. Completion of our application form
  4. Validation by our administrative board
  5. Payment of entrance & membership fees
  6. Welcome to the network!

Our monthly gatherings and meetings are held in dual mode.
We look forward to seeing you online

Our members are spread across France and abroad (Slovakia, UK, Belgium, etc.). There's even an "Angels Santé USA" chapter based in Boston.


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