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Would you like to learn more about investing in the healthcare sector? Our Angels Santé training course gives you all the secrets of an enlightened investment.
Course objective

Acquire the basic methodology for analyzing pre-investment seed healthcare startups, through theoretical courses and practical case studies.

→ This course will enable you to invest more effectively and facilitate your first steps in evaluating applications.

Register for the course

If you would like to register for the next training course or would like more information, please contact Lorenzo Pompei at

Topics covered

The 9 modules (10 sessions) presented in this programme retrace the path of a deal : from due diligence to post-investment support. It also addresses broader topics specific to the healthcare sector and business angels (intellectual property in healthcare, valuing healthcare start-ups, the healthcare innovation ecosystem, taxation, etc.).

Next training course 

Octobre 2024-juin 2025 :
The 10 sessions take place on Thursdays from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm face-to-face in our Parisien office. 

Who is this course aimed at? 

These modules are aimed primarily at new members of Angels Santé who want to discover the start-up ecosystem, as well as non-members interested in these subjects.

A few words from our alumni

"This course for new members is very well thought out and allows you to get your foot in the door more quickly by rubbing shoulders with older members as well as new ones."

"Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion for helping to develop innovative healthcare products."

"It really helps to build confidence, to understand all aspects of the process, to start to get to know the network."

"I followed the course to become a "live my life" type of BA and I come out with a complete overview and having deepened knowledge. Thank you ! "

Customized services for startups and accelerators


on topics such as:equity story, business model, value proposition, market access, regulatory pathway, clinical strategy...with our network of experts in 6 countries

360° of your healthcare company,

with you, the company, in the driver's
seats, to help you take a step back and set your company’s priorities.

Fundraising support

Individual assessment + active fundraising support (See our page Europe)

Training courses

-Becoming a business angel,
-Startup creation 101,
-Elevator pitch,
-Raising funds-The European Fundraising landscape,
-Pitching to healthcare investors,
-Investing in healthcare. 

From 1 hour 30 minutes to a full day of training 

For more information please contact Caroline Sai at operations@angelssante.fr