TeiaCare raises €1.1m in funding

Anne-Sophie Squiban Les News Angels Santé

TeiaCare raises €1.1m in funding for pioneering monitoring technology with the help of the EIT Health Investor Network

Italian start-up TeiaCare announced today that they have raised €1.1m in funding with the help
of the EIT Health Investor Network to accelerate the development of their digital monitoring
technology, Ancelia. Ancelia uses artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to assist
nurses in the care of elderly patients.

The increasing ageing population in Europe is said to be linked to higher costs in healthcare,
due to the risk of co-morbidities and decline in mobility. However, if appropriate measures are
implemented at the right time such as better coordinated care, it is believed that ageing does
not directly lead to significant increases in the cost of healthcare.


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