3 reasons to raise funds with Angels Santé

Our mission at Angels Santé is to:

  • detect European start-ups that meet the challenges of our health systems with economically responsible solutions and strong medical benefits.
  • boost seed-stage development by providing direct capital, expertise and networks.
  • mobilize non-specialized investors towards health investment to meet the needs of ambitious projects.

Our selection criteria

Please send us your project if 

  • You are seeking to raise a first round of 400 K to 2 M € 
  • Your technical proof of concept is done (or prototype to be completed) 
  • Your team of founders is strong 
  • Your project is in the biotech, medtech, pharma, diagnostics, digital health…) 

Our Selection Process

  • Submission of application

    Uploading of relevant documents on Gust: 
    – a completed Executive Summary,
    – a presentation of your project ppt or pdf in the « pitch deck » section or « documents »
    – A BP to be uploaded in the « documents » section.

  • Selection Committee once a month

    The members of the Selection Committee pre-screen each new project, based on the documents, to assess its potential. At the end of this step, the selected projects will be invited to a Webex of approximately 30 minutes with a minimum of 2 members from the Selection Committee to further examine the project and to meet the project leader(s). If the project is selected, the project leader(s) shall be invited to pitch before the members of the network.

  • Pitch & Chat Meeting once a month

    4 projects are invited to pitch before the members of the network. 5 minutes for the pitch and 10 minutes of questions is the format. We close the meeting with an informal cocktail during which the members of the network can continue to discuss with the entrepreneurs for 1 to 2 hours.

  • Due Diligence

    At the end of this meeting, the business angels, potentially interested by one of the projects, come forward and contact the project leader(s) within 2 weeks following the pitch session to further discussions and perform the due diligence. This due diligence may be done in a coordinated manner with other networks. At the end of these discussions, each member of the network decides, on an individual basis, to commit or not to an investment.

Submit your project

Here are the essential elements for the analysis of your application:

  • The management team: experience, skills, role in the company, 

  • The issue to resolve, the target market, 

  • Your solution proposal + business model, 

  • The competition, your competitive advantage and its strengths, 

  • Your development strategy and a 3-year BP, 

  • Your financial forecast: distribution of capital, grants, amount raised, allocation of funds, “pre-money” valuation, strategy and planned exit route. 

Convention to download